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Big Brands Won't Rule Fashion in the Metaverse.?

Big fashion houses are the ones who typically dictate what's in style—that won't be the case in the metaverse, says the head of gaming at Everyrealm.

Metaverse Fashion Week, a four-day event hosted on Decentraland, starts on March 24. The lineup is slated to include global fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana and Hugo Boss, which will strut their stuff next to upstart digital-exclusive brands and designers making their debut.

Given the enthusiasm with which consumers have embraced NFTs and virtual spaces, it's clear that luxury and high fashion has a place in the metaverse. But even clearer is that digital user flock to quality, artful products—regardless of whether they were made by Rolex or Timex. Looking at fashion as art, it's reasonable to think digital fashion will follow the trend of NFT art, with original artists and their collections emerging as the most desirable. In particular, unknown, metaverse-first designers and brands are best suited for this paradigm.

Digital fashion also opens an avenue for personal items to hold more than sentimental value. At its core, self-expression is the defining feature of both digital and physical fashion, with the metaverse serving as another avenue for creating and expressing identity. The difference is that the metaverse offers a range of personal style choices unmatched in real life. As we enter the era of Web3 and metaverse, consumers will turn to whoever allows them to create the identity they want, regardless of the brand.

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Written By- Shriyansh Jain

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