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Cronos Fighter: Metaverse For MMA Fanatics

Web 3.0 and NFTs are the buzzwords from the past year and everyone is getting interested in them. The main reasons are the success stories of now millionaires. We all know of how Beeple earned $69 million with his NFT and how crypto punks to this date manage to stay on the daily top sales chart. This is the precise reason why this industry seems to be young. There is a wide audience which is getting informed about it and will surely be part of this industry one day or the other. So this time is often regarded as the best time to enter this Industry either as a service provider or as an investor.

Well, Cronos Fighter is doing exactly that. They have identified a gap in the ecosystem and provided a service by creating Metaverse for UFC. Cronos fighter is a metaverse where players can use their signed NFT characters and play to earn value for their time. It promises many perks for investors which are explained below.

The MMA Industry:

Fighting has always been famous throughout the world. We all were a fan of the OG WWF and later turned WWE in the ’90s. Then came the era of Floy Money Mayweather who earned ridiculous amounts of money in the 2000s and then there was the golden time of Conor McGregor. We all are hooked to fighters fighting to prove who is the strongest and hence the industry always was profitable. This made the UFC more than $4 billion in the industry today. And that’s just the UFC.

Needless to say, these fighters still manage to earn millions with their exhibition matches. Also with the incorporation of young entertainers entering the arena like Logan Paul, KSI, Jake Paul, the industry has gotten a significant boost that it needed. For example, Floy Mayweather and Logan Paul both had launched limited edition NFTs to both promote the fight and as a source of passive income. Mc Gregor had the highest ever pay-per-view event in UFC in 2021. These all show great potential in the fighting industry.

What is Cronos Fighter?

Cronos fighters in simple words is an ecosystem where users can invest and hence sign fighters. The signed fighters can be used by players in the fully playable MMA game. You will also be exposed to all the generic benefits of any play-to-earn game like access to staking, customizable features, $token, and even experience the percentage of royalties of the developers. The whole ecosystem will be launched in 5 rounds as mentioned in their road map.

Round 1 of Roadmap: Quarter 1 of 2022

The game currently is in Round 1 of the road map. They are developing the official website and making it more ready for it to host its marketplace. The main step they are including in Round 1 of the road map is to release their V1 characters.

V1 Characters: V1 Characters consider a 1000 number of 2 D character mints which will also serve as the key to the metaverse. Besides this, they all will be first in line for future whitelists (access to V2 characters as well) and will receive a $token in the form of airdrops. The holders of V1 will also get voting rights, higher skill points, and in-game bonuses.

Round 2 of Roadmap: Quarter 2 of 2022

The game will be marketed extensively by releasing teasers in the form of clips, demos, and images. This round will also comprise of announcement of the partnership of the game with fighters, managers, and the UFC.

The list of V1 holders will be announced and after that, finally, players will also get access to never launched before 3-D avatars are also known as V2. There are a total of 3500 V2 characters, however, only V1 holders will get access to V2 as of now, So be sure to gain the access to V1. The 3-D avatars can be used in-game and later in the metaverse with Round 5 of the road map. The game token will also be announced in this round.

Round 3, 4, And 5 Of The Roadmap:

The later rounds will be in the latter half of the year while round 5 will be in the next year of 2023. In the upcoming rounds, the game will be launched and players will be able to start investing with the in-game staking, NFT merch store, in-game store, etc. Later in round 4, the ecosystem will be influenced by a partnership with other NFTs, sponsorship, and release of Eth Cross-Chain Fighters.

The game will enter full-fledged in metaverse with compatibility with Oculus. Yes, an Oculus compatible game will be launched in round 4 of the road map, that is in quarter 4 of 2022. The metaverse will be expanded in the next year of 2023 when a new road map describing the future of the project will be launched.

Tokenomics Of The Game:

The minting date is scheduled for March 2022 where the whitelist price is 150 $Cro and the public mint price is 200 $Cro. Also, every player will have a right to mint a maximum of 5 fighters. Cronos will impose the players with a royalty tax of 5% which will be used for the marketing of the game, in-game rewards to players, and a charity of the community choosing. 100% of the profits of the organization will be used for charity. Some of the charitable organizations Cronos Fighters is supporting are The Good Fight Foundation and Put–Up, which aim to bring poor kids from areas hit with poverty and give them a chance to succeed in the world. The game commits to supporting these charities with the development of the game.

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