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Crypto Kitty Killer - Cuteness Overloaded NFTs: Kawayushi

Kawayushi NFTs are aiming to enhance the cuteness quotient of the wild world of NFTs. Good art becomes better in a loyal community. Thus, the project aims to provide the perfect combination of anime art, community and benevolence. Let us dive in to know more about Kawayushi NFTs, its vision, roadmap, whitelist partners and much more.

Kawayushi NFT
Kawayushi NFT

Meet the Kawayushi

Kawayushi is a unique NFT project. An NFT stands for Non-fungible token. The term "fungibility" refers to the property of an asset's units being interchangeable with one another and virtually indistinguishable from one another. Furthermore, within the context of the Blockchain ecosystem, the term "token" refers to any asset that can be digitally traded between two parties. Hence, it can be said that no two NFTs are alike even if they look the same.

The Japanese word kawaii, which is a shortened form of the word kawayushi, can be translated as "cute," "small," or "loving." The Kawayushi collection of NFTs mixes the wacky world of crypto and NFTs with the adorable and lovable style of kawaii. The NFTs often represent target collectors be it sports enthusiasts, modern art, anime, memes etc. Also, a lot of NFT projects target passive investment and agendas like women empowerment. The Kawayushi project targets the modern youth that caters to their specific needs by drawing inspiration from cryptography, popular culture, and anime.

Kawayushi NFT
Kawayushi NFT

The background of the Kawayushi is that it resides in the city of Nftville. The characters carry out their day-to-day existence while continuing to learn about and investigate the world around them. The Kawayushi are incredibly gifted individuals when it comes to expressing themselves. They are not judgemental. They do not form opinions about who you are, what you like, or how you choose to present yourself in public. The simple philosophy is to live and let live. They are content just being who they are.

Moreover, every Kawayushi can control local creatures called Kawadachi. Unlike humans, they can bring these creatures into existence one at a time. Later, Kawayushi gets Kawadachi hatched and evolved into an adult to be given to you as pets or to new owners who are excited to take care of a creature. A Kawadachi can be owned and raised by anybody, but only a Kawayushi can bring one into the world. Lastly, the race of Kawayushi & Kawadachi is mostly similar.

Kawayushi Features

The 8369 Kawayushi are distinguished into 13 different classes. Further, there are 31 Mythic Kawayushi that adds different flavours to the collection. Also, there are ultra rare Kawayushi including Skelly, Dissected, Pepe, and Aliens that will raise the heat among collectors.

They are composed of many different race types including Common, Frosty, Magma, Angels, Demons, Gold, Rainbow, Zombie, Pepe, Dissected and Skelly.

Kawayushi NFT
Kawayushi NFT

Important Dates & Minting Details

The Kawayushi NFT project has a total supply of 8,369 NFTs. Out of these NFTs, 5,000 will be white list supply, 3169 NFTs will be public supply, and 200 NFTs will be promo supply.

Moreover, the whitelisted members will get a chance to mint a maximum of two of their NFTs from September 13th & 14th. The cost of each minting for whitelisted members is 0.055 Eth.

Later, the general public will get the chance to mint two of their NFTs on September 15th – 17th. The cost of each minting for the public is 0.075 Eth.

The world will witness the Kawayushi NFT reveal on September 20th.

Kawayushi NFT Minting Date
Kawayushi NFT Minting Date

Project Roadmap

The project roadmap contains four steps for the near future. The first phase completes with the 100% minting of the NFTs. Once all the NFTs are sold out, phase two begins. Phase two will further enhance the collectability of the NFT.

Phase 2 will have the development of the Kawayushi Vault. The beginning stages of the Kawayushi wallet development will now the sales on the secondary market as well as a portion of the mint. The royalties will be used to fund community activities and other projects that contribute to the improvement of the community.

The third phase shall be giving-back session. The girls in coding will be empowered with the charitable contributions from the project.

The fourth step has rewards for the Kawayushi holders. The first air-drop will happen in the 4th phase. Moreover, further developments will be revealed.

Whitelist Partners & Special Traits

The project has six whitelist partners. To honour the whitelist partners, the project has added some of the special traits that will be only available with the NFTs minted on the whitelist platform.

1. CyberKongz: Banana hats & rainbow shades

2. Gutter Cat Gang: Gutter cat pet

3. The Other Side

4. Scholarz: Scholar pet

5. Dan Freebairn/Signature Streak

6. Not Bansky: Degen rat pet & Not Banksy Tee

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Kawayushi NFT

1. Kawayushi is a collect

2. able NFT with a unique concept of anime and pop culture.

3. A total of 13 different traits class making each NFT unique and collectable.

4. Opportunity to participate in community events.

5. Benevolent cause of funding the dreams of girls who code.

6. Opportunity to get exciting air drops, and merch drops.

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