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The Journey Of Sandbox (SAND) Game

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When Facebook changed its name to Meta in 2021, the buzz surrounding Metaverse exploded. This made metaverse mainstream with 100s of new metaverse projects each day. Sandbox is one of the most popular and successful metaverse projects.

Journey Of sandbox

The Story.

The Sandbox was launched in March 2012 as a mobile gaming platform. The game was out with a simple vision. It focussed on providing users with a gaming platform to create pixel art.

“I wanted to make a game that would create a community of players and involve them into creating with us” - Sebastien Borget, the COO and cofounder of Pixowl.

Sandbox kept on evolving the team created 50+ updates by 2016. This got more and more people interested in their product by then over 1.5M gallery worlds had been created. This prompted them to create a sequel named The Sandbox Evolution.

It received an overwhelming response when released in June 2016. However, this was just the beginning of their success.

Sandbox As A Decentralized Gaming Platform

2018 was a critical year for Sandbox was acquired by Animoca Brands. Soon Sandbox announced a 3D, multiplayer version of The Sandbox. This version of the game aimed to set a new standard for world-building games. It combined a player-centric world-building experience with a character-driven narrative. This is a play-to-earn blockchain version that allows users to create their own avatars to access the various hubs, environments, and games on the crypto-driven metaverse.

This version upon release went on to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency games. Users are able to create a limitless number of 3D objects, ranging from buildings and vehicles to costumes and monsters, using the software. They can then store these products on the blockchain as NFTs and sell them on secondary markets like OpenSea or The Sandbox's crypto marketplace. Players may create full 3D games that they can sell without needing any coding experience.

Players use the $SAND coin to participate in the blockchain version of the game, trade Assets on the marketplace, and buy LANDs, which are digital plots of land in the game. They can also use the SAND coin as a governance token to vote and propose improvements on the platform through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure.

Blockchains and NFTs are major pieces of the puzzle that we are solving to allow platforms to (finally) deliver the kind of value that has, thus far, been largely absent in the digital world.”

The Sandbox is fully 3D. This version of the game aims to be the new standard in world-building games. It combines player-centric world-building experiences and a character-driven narrative. The key features of this version are:

  • 3D graphics

  • Secondary Marketplace to trade in-game assets

  • Decentralized Platform

  • 3D user-generated content will be created through VoxEdit

  • user-centric approach

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