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Kotilingam: World's 1st NFT For Mind Body And Soul

Written By: Arjun Patil

From: Coinverse

Web 3.0 and NFTs are the buzzwords from the past year, and everyone is interested in them. The main reasons are the success stories of now millionaires. We all know of how Beeple earned $69 million with his NFT and how crypto punks remain on the daily top sales chart to date. This is the precise reason why this Industry seems to be young. A broad audience is getting informed about it and will surely be part of this Industry one day or the other. So this time is often regarded as the best time to enter this Industry either as a service provider or investor.

Especially considering today's market conditions, many investors might find today's time the best investment time. Only the pre-requisite is that the investment should be warranted and carried on to a utility-driven project. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in many NFT projects, leading to scamming individuals due to blind investment and no prior investigation. The general law of investment states that a project needs to be utility driven to justify the investment.



Kotilingam is a new project in development and has already managed to get stable followership of 10K members on its Twitter. The word Kotilingam divided means 10 Million (Koti) Linghams (an iconic representation of God Shiva). The project aims to develop mindfulness amongst the community and replenish the mind, body, and soul. The only factor not in check in this so-called "Prosperous/Materialistic life" is ourselves and our health. There has been a rise in depression, anxiety, and other mind-related illnesses due to a lack of self-consciousness and self-care. Kotilingam is trying to create a community of users who would lead each other to a more peaceful and quality life with purpose.


The project, which is at its 1st stage, is launching its own NFT collections of 7000 NFTs. The NFT collection will comprise over 10 Million NFTs and be minted on the most popular Ethereum Blockchain. So users can anticipate trading of these NFTs via Opensea once it launches. The project will be launched in phases, and the 1st phase will consist of 5000 NFTs out of the 7000 NFTs. The users/investors of the NFTs will be awarded a tag of "Koti" and will become a part of the community of Kotilingam.

Kotilingam NFT is worlds 1st NFT project conceived on a singular objective of establishing a collective consciousness through tools like Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness by organizing Workshops, Retreats, Music Festivals, Conferences and Concerts to the community members on Real World and Metaverse. In addition, each Lingham will give the users the powers accumulated by collecting more NFTs during each phase.

Although "Kotis" (Community Members) are the building blocks of the community, the "Guru Kotis" (Coaches and Trainers) are going to be the key pillars of holding the community together by sharing their Aura to the community. As a Gratitude for empowering the community the "Guru Kotis" are benefited with

1. One Free NFT worth (Approx 1 ETH), which gives Free access to all community events in Real World and Metaverse.

2. One Masterkey to the Metaverse, which entitles unlimited access to Metaverse to attend and facilitate events.

3. Free to run one program/event per month as proprietary in Metaverse, all other programs and events will be Collaborations.

4. Free to promote all programs and events to Kotilingam Community (Over 10K on Twitter and 1K on Discord and growing). And many more....

RoadMap Of The Project:

As mentioned earlier, the project will be launched in phases. Currently, according to the roadmap, we are in milestone 1 of the project, where there will be a total of 5 milestones. Each milestone has been planned to achieve the different goals for the betterment of the community and the project.

Kotilingam Roadmap
Kotilingam Roadmap

Kotilingam Roadmap
Kotilingam Roadmap

The project is at its whitelisting stage, so interested users should be tuned to their socials. They have an active community of nearly 2000 members on Discord, and more than 10, 000 followers on Twitter. More and more people are lining up for this project, so if you are interested, don't miss this opportunity. You can follow their socials below links:






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