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Landindex: A One-Stop Portal For All The $LAND Metrics.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The number of active wallets has been increasing over time, indicating the acceptance of Web 3.0 by the community. Also, the involvement of the FANG companies, known as MANG companies, has solidified the investors' intuition about the growth potential of the Metaverse. It has forced investors to think about investing in the Metaverse.

Graphical Representations showing Global All Time Active Metaverse Wallets and Global All Time Total Value Spent On Completed Metaverse Sales with respect to time

What Is Metaverse?

Metaverse consists of a parallel digital universe, which is highly immersive and interactive. A well-coded technology allows users to create virtual identities to interact in the Metaverse. We can interact with the Metaverse as we interact with the regular universe. We can

Ø Create businesses and monetize them.

Ø Hold events/concerts in the Metaverse and sell passes.

Ø Advertise products at prominent places like the actual Time Square in New York.

Ø Create a marketplace for products/services, etc.

A digital artwork from metaverse

The potential is unlimited, just like our physical universe but untapped compared to the everyday physical world. However, organizations like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and Loui Vuitton, are slowly but surely taking advantage of this untapped potential by launching limited edition NFTs, branding throughout the individual metaverses, launching stores, etc.

Physical World with NFTs and Virtually represented Gucci


The hype is accurate, and the public wants it. The users want the advantage of

Ø Interacting with users without disclosing identities.

Ø Gaining experience and exposure to activities in the comfort of home.

Ø Increase in the earning potential via investing in Metaverse-based products/services.

Hence, there has been an increase in demand for NFTs, allowing users to establish rights in the Metaverse. One of the such NFTs which has the highest demand is $LAND. These NFTs offer ownership of an area of plot in the Metaverse. The holder can use the plot area according to needs, just like the physical realm.

The users can,

Ø Create a store

Ø Advertise with billboards for brands like Nike, Gucci, etc.

Ø Rent the plot to some other user and earn a stable passive income

The monetisation possibilities are absolutely limitless for the users.

There was a sudden surge of users on the Sandbox network hoping to be neighbors to Snoop Dog in the Metaverse. This is because snoop sells many passes to the virtual concert conducted in the Metaverse in the form of NFTs. So it would mean a rise in demand for neighboring plots and hence a rise in their values.

Snoop Dogg From THa Streets To Tha Sandbox

How To Invest In $LAND?

There are many Metaverse that is being developed with unique perks. Some of the very famous ones are Sandbox and Decentraland, which have recorded sales of 1 million + dollars through single NFTs. It's an excellent opportunity for investors to invest in the Metaverse considering the industry's absconding growth potential.

However, investing in these NFTs should be a wise decision. The decision should be assisted with careful thinking, analysis of the history of prices of NFTs, and the trends, just like any other investment product. But, currently, there are limited sources of information that supply accurate information. Moreover, there is much chaos in the factual data, and it is not organized well. This is the exact problem that Landindex is solving.

What Is Landindex?

Landindex is a platform that makes the accurate information regarding the $LAND available to the public in a concise manner in graphs, charts, and one-to-one comparisons. It is the just for the $LAND and can give accurate floor prices of $LAND and its history.

Graphical Representation showing Floor Prices and Sales Density

This concise, clean and crisp information allows investors to make the right decisions considering the trends of the markets, the Metaverse's tendency, the project's social relevance, periodical sale figures, heatmaps for foot traffic, and other such vital metrics.

Metrics showing Unique Owner Percentage and Overview comparision

The platform displays Google Trends for real-time relevance of the projects and saves tons of hassle for its users.

Google Trends Reports for word "Decentraland"

It also compares the Metaverses to understand the current market preference, which helps short-term investors.

Monthly Sales Comparison Graph

The information displayed will be updated with their manual API, which updates the price of NFTs constantly. Landindex currently possesses the information for 6 months, which has also granted it the 1st mover advantage. The project also involves the leading technology and security, which allows it to run 24 X 7 with precise information.

Different NFT Listings

For professional users, Landindex has launched its very own Genesis NFT Collection, granting holders special perks. These perks might be helpful for Digital Real Estate agents, digital land retailers, data-driven investors, etc. Some of the perks the NFTs offer are,

1. Genesis pass allows use in all landindex and its subsidiaries, such as Landex. In addition, you get early and full access to all metaverse data, visualizations, and detailed quarterly reports with a simple Metamask login.

2. The NFT allows you into a closed Discord channel and mailing service. This will provide critical notifications and minting/WL opportunities for relevant, vetted Metaverse projects.

3. The NFT will be a lifetime purchase with no need to renew the membership once it is kept in your wallet. It will also have a secondary market on OpenSea.

Landindex can act as a one stop solution for analysis of $LAND in every aspect. It is also planning to launch a detailed report soon( 26-06-2022) which the users should look forward to.

Socials Of Landindex: Everything @landindex




Written By: Arjun Patil

From: Coinverse

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