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  • Arjun Patil

Lex Meta Capital : The Ultimate Utility Focussed NFT.

To the Community, here is a new beginning to a purposely crafted NFT that is beyond an image, a standard utility, an investment returns, and tradeable asset. This utility NFT, backed up by 13+ bankers, consultants, and fund managers are the new in-thing. Limited to 10,000 pieces backed by a global group of investors, that will manage this fund beyond expectations, utilizing it for the purpose of growing it to a Unicorn $1b conglomerate - is beyond words.

They are channeling it, repurpose the investment vehicle to purchase key investment ventures in the metaverse and to invest in conventional key upcoming tech ventures, for the purpose of the members, the buyers, and the angel investors.

They are leading this organization to being a Unicorn set up and also, to provide back to charities up to 30% of their pool of funds over the years. That is just beyond what we expect from conventional investments and even the metaverse driven projects. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of such a project known to be the Lex Meta Capital.

They are currently a buzz in the NFT market and with only a month in, has created a new hype. Visit the website to know the roadmap better at

Much of their news can be found at their twitter account

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