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Livingland NFT: Earn At least 25% Return On Investments.

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Recently, NFTs and Crypto markets have seen an exponential rise in their usage due to un-deniable perks they offer. Thus the number of active wallets is on the rise as well. In addition, some of the iconic projects like the Bored Apes, Crypto Punks, and Crypto Kitties have earned millions of dollars from their investors. With this, the support of the market is with the NFTs.

Assets Circulation Data and increase in Assets quarterly percentage

However, there has been a rise in duping schemes taking advantage of the trend and scamming legit investors. Therefore, it is necessary to gauge the project regarding the utility promised and not with the trend. The more the project is utility-driven, the more is the use case for the users, and hence it is more profitable.

For invest-minded users, NFTs possess a good opportunity as Investment, especially in today's time when the Stocks and the Bonds markets are crashing. Even the return from the ultimate Investment of gold is not that lucrative and hence is not sought after. The Investment which still earns an excellent passive stable income is real estate, as it satisfies one of the basic needs of humans. As long as humans have existed, there has been demand for real estate.

Real Estate As Investment Option:

Growth in Real Estate and Investment in Real Estate

According to a 2017 study published in Fortune Builders, the average real estate return rate is 7%, while the average effective return of Gold, Stocks, and Bonds is less than that. This is primarily due to its utility-driven nature and secondarily due to higher monetization opportunities through a single investment.

It has been predicted in the report by "The Business Research Company" that the industry of real estate will continue to grow at a CAGR of 9.6% by 2026. This would mean the total market cap of the real estate industry is equivalent to that of $5388.87 billion in 2026.

Comparision of Real Estate with Other Investments with graphical presentation

What Is Living Land?

Living Land is a platform that combines these 2 trending and high return investment opportunities for its users. With Living Land, users can invest in the collection of NFTs, which will grant them a return of 25%-50% annually, which is leaps ahead of any other investment opportunities.

Living Land NFT Collection

Living Land is launching its 1st NFT collection of 10,000 unique art pieces on 25th June 2022. The art piece resembles 10 different landscapes, each possessing individual attributes to them. However, unlike other projects, the NFTs won't have different rewards depending on the NFT. Instead, each NFT promises the same returns and thus would practice a fairer mechanism of the project.

LivingLands NFT Tweet with commission rates explained

Thus, the NFTs can be treated as a pass into an investment platform that will earn the investors a 25% - 50% yearly dividend. The project is also planning to launch a Metaverse utility and a P2E game for its investors.

The investors won't need to worry about the exorbitant gas fees that other NFTs based on the Ethereum blockchain. Living Land is based on the Polygon Chain, and hence the transactions won't be subjected to gas fees. The Mint price decided for the 1st collection drop is 400 Matic.

You can be part of the waitlist by joining their discord which already has over 12456 members. The link for which is given at the end of this article.

How Will It Work?

Before talking about how Living Land earns its investors money, the readers need to understand what is staking and the surge in staking platforms.

Staking: Every business operation requires capital to complete the tasks. It allows them to fund infrastructure, employees, and other such resources. Traditionally, the capital was raised for private or public sales equity. In exchange for the capital, the investors earn returns in dividends when the company/business earns profits.

Another example of staking can be banks and their operation. As users of the banks, we give liquidity to the banks by depositing capital. Then, the capital is lent to the seeking organizations in exchange for percentage interest on the principal amount, some of which is received by the initial depositors as a reward. This is precisely how Living Land works.

By users investing capital in Living Land through buying NFTs and staking them on their platform, the users are enrolling themselves in a yearly return of 25% - 50%. Furthermore, living Land utilizes this capital to invest in high-income Real-Estate projects, which we know will be profitable in the coming future. Besides the trend being on the side of the project, the team is collaborating with one of the best real estate management companies known as Cardone Capital, which Grant Cardone founded.

Cardine Capital Company Features and Why you should Invest

The other source of Investment which will earn returns is the Bitcoin Mining rig. The platform aims to invest in about 500 – 1000 units of the BITMAIN Ant Miners by May 2024.

Security For The Investors:

The investors don't need to worry about unfavorable circumstances like the housing market crash as the project will still be able to leverage all the real estate due to the owners in the production phase. Moreover, even during a BTC crash, the platform promises to liquidate all the funds to USD pegged stable coins to be on the safer side. Also, with the smart contract technology, if ever the polygon network fails, the platform can easily migrate the contract to some other blockchain satisfying the purpose.

RoadMap Of The Project:

We are currently in phase 1 of the project with the initial NFT collection launch, while the second launch of the NFT is scheduled to be during the Q4 of 2022.

Quarter wise roadmap of the LivingLand NFT Proust with features

With a lucrative return of 25%-50%, security of stable investments, and rising market trend all favor the project. You can learn more about them on their socials at;





Written By: Arjun Patil

From: Coinverse

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