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  • Arjun Patil

Pride Pixies: NFT For The Greater Change.

Written By: Arjun Patil

From: Coinverse

NFTs have managed to bring a change to a community that was rigid before. This has been done with theme-based or change-oriented NFTs which are aimed at a higher goal than earning a huge buck. Surely there are some projects which are just trying to ride the wave of NFTs and earn huge profits out of it, however in the long run they run out of fuel of enthusiasm and die out.

However, when a greater purpose is associated with an asset, the asset does well in both, bringing the change and making some money while doing that. In this article, we will learn about True Dream Vision’s Pride Pixies project which is trying to bring on essential change through NFTs. This route of launching NFTs has been adopted by many such purpose-driven projects due to the nature of the minds of the people, which are mostly money-oriented. These projects know that the money aspect can bring a significant change in the real world like no other, and that’s why launching NFTs is a brilliant move.

What Are Pride Pixies?

Pride Pixies are launched by True Dream Vision, whose goal is to bring in equal rights and thus empower women, LGBTQ+ and also Human rights activism. The NFTs consist of 10,000 unique artworks which in all consist of 100 individual hand-drawn attributes and which are randomly allocated to the NFTs collection. The attributes are drawn by True Dream Vision, which is founded by the first female Latinx, LGBTQ activist, Taylor Diamond-Vizcaino.

What's So Unique About Pride Pixies?

The concept of Pride Pixies is new and this is something that needs to be stood by. The concept is to use these NFTs to push the movement of equal rights to women and the LGBTQ community in their lives. A noble cause. Also, with this project, what True Dream Vision is trying to achieve is the empowerment of women in tech.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the projects are male-dominated, even in as advanced and modern industry as that of the NFTs and Blockchain. True Dream Vision is trying to push the narrative of women's participation in tech and thus empowering them with the project like which is an NFT/DEFI marketplace. If you continue to hold the minted Pride Pixie for more than 6 months, every owner of the Pride Pixie will be gifted 3000 $MVMNT tokens which can be sold on any listed decentralized exchange.

Some of the unique attributes the Pride Pixies Possess are,

  1. Epic backgrounds

  2. Important topics and causes

  3. Variety of skin tones

  4. An inclusive culture and diverse features

  5. Eccentric and fashionable clothing.

  6. Female and gender-neutral Pixies

  7. Symbolic/Humorous artistic references.

Some of the attributes are rarer than the others and hence they will be easier to price in a market.

Many projects have become successful in the past and some are even in the making, but very few of them are as purpose-driven as Pride Pixie. World Of Women is one of such very successful and purpose-driven NFT projects which was supported by popular influencers like Logan Paul. The asset is creating strides with each NFT selling for more than $10,000 easily, while the one owned by Logan, got sold for a profit of $500K. WoW is female-driven majorly, while Pride Pixies are trying to bring a change in the thinking of the world in respect to all, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and is working hard for human rights.

World Of Woman.

Tech Behind the Pride Pixie.

The NFTs generally are instilled on Ethereum Blockchain technology and hence mostly powered by Ether. Thus these NFTs are traded on the marketplace supporting Ether. This leads to investors being subjected to Gas Fees, which is a transaction fee, which is significant. In some cases it is even near $100, depending on the traffic on the network.

Pride Pixies on the other hand has taken this into account and has developed the NFTs on the Polygon Matic structure, leading the transaction to cost $0 in terms of gas fees. The NFTs are ERC 721 tokens with a resolution of 1500 X 1500 PX.

As mentioned earlier, the NFTs are trying to push female participation in tech with the development of blockchain-based projects like the MoovMint marketplace. The NFTs after the pre-sell will be sold through secondary marketplaces like the open sea and MoovMint.

Future of Pride Pixies:

The project is not stopping at these 10,000 specially attributed characters. It is expanding its reach through man verticals which are utility-driven. After the pre-sale, Pride Pixies is planning on launching its play to earn $MVMNT tokens in a metaverse video game, which will engage the investors while increasing their funds. The ecosystem is also planning to invest 5% of the profits for the greater good, by funding human rights activism charities and hence also bringing the change in physical real lives along with the change in mentality.

The initiative of Women in Tech will be supported with some percentage of the above-mentioned 5% allotted to this purpose. It will help in the development of the above-mentioned NFT Marketplace, MoovMint. They will also be used to fund the rewards of the pixie owners for more than the initial 6 months.


I have been very impressed with the project due to the new and modern approach taken by the project developers to solve a traditional yet important problem. This will get the eyeballs it deserves, just like it got with the project like World of Women, and hence will bring the change it plans to bring. However, the change will be both metals, due to the impact the artwork will have and also will be physical due to its community and push in human rights.

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