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  • Arjun Patil

True Tesla Technologies: Get Rights To Ips With Blockchain.

Written By: Arjun Patil

From: Coinverse

In the age of this recovering market, it has been understood by the investors that it shouldn't be the trend of investment but rather should be the idea of investment. Unfortunately, nearly 2 Trillion dollars got wiped out of the crypto market as it currently stands at a fluctuating market cap of approximately 1 Trillion dollars.

The DEFI market is slowly picking up.

This led to a good lesson for blind investors and forced them to look for utility-driven projects and dig deep to understand the project's exact Utility in detail. Moreover, the project is Utility driven, the fall isn't that dramatic, and recovery from the market condition is fast, thus ensuring the safety of the investments.

Applications of Crypto:

There are many applications of cryptocurrencies; hence, they show much potential for developing necessary utilities through this technology. Some of such applications are,

Ø 100% decentralization (therefore, no one has complete control and thus less chance of failures)

Ø Automated with a beneficial smart contract.

Ø Faster than traditional methods

Ø Cheaper than conventional modes of transaction.

The technology has allowed successful equal partnership with the projects due to the automated smart contracts. Moreover, it will enable users/investors to get the rights/shares of the projects, which they can use to generate possible revenue streams and work avenues.

True Tesla Technologies:

Tomislav Tesla (Innovator and Nephew of Nicholas Tesla)

Deane Thomas (Co-founder of Trues Tesla Techologies.)

True tesla technologies founders

Trues Tesla Technologies was founded by Deane Thomas, a master of communication and has partnered with Tomislav Tesla since 2014. Deane has been helping Tomislav, the great-great nephew of Nicolas Tesla, in commercializing his IPR. This led to the founding of True Tesla Technologies (Mauritius) Limited to begin commercializing several technologies, and with the advents of Cryptocurrencies, this all became so easy.

As mentioned earlier, with the functionality of automated smart contracts, it's easy to distribute rights/shares/rewards to the investors. With True Tesla Technologies, investors will gain access to intellectual property rights of different ideas from innovators like Tomislav Tesla in certain countries. Moreover, the investors can use these patented ideas by commercializing them to benefit the wider humanity.

Deane and the Team's goal is also to create blue and green energy technologies to help make usable and sustainable energy for the whole planet. Even the inventor, Tomislav Tesla, has listed some of his patented technology with True Tesla Technologies, which can help the entire world in its need for a sustainable energy source. Some of the technological solutions are,

Ø Fisheries feeding and harvesting technology

Ø Sediment recovery in reservoirs

Ø Pollution Abatement Technology (CO2, NOx, Sox, MH4, etc.)

Three T's International:

The organization is genuine through and through to its goal of promoting sustainable energy growth by sharing its innovations with credible entities. This is possible by adopting the right blockchain technology to distribute the IPs.

Three T's have selected Cardano as the blockchain of choice since it is based on the principle of proof of stake. Following that consensus mechanism won't require many miners to validate the transaction but will depend on very few of them. It leads to an increase in the speed of each transaction and hence results in a more efficient system. Due to it requiring very few validators, the energy expended by the network is also low, which helps the organization stay true to its energy efficiency goal.

Three T's International has also launched their token, coined the "Tesla World Token," which will help fund these ventures. The token will be listed on a suitable decentralized exchange soon. The token was created on March 22, 2022, with a total supply of 21,369,000. Out of this total supply, over 6,369,000 are reserved for the Team, founders, staff, and the CSR funds.

Tesla world token

The token is scheduled to undergo a private pre-sale of over 5,000,000 tokens in the 1st phase of the Dubai Crypto Festival 2022. The token will be pitched as part of a private sale for earning rights to use the True Tesla Technologies Patents and deploy them in different regions worldwide. The process of applying for True Technologies is relatively easy. It involves,

Ø Submitting an Application

Ø Producing a proof of crypto fund

Ø A team of six members

Ø 3 Preferred countries to deploy technologies too

Ø You are purchasing a unique NFT, which will be sold for 6390 ADA.

RoadMap of The Project:

Once the Private sale is successful, all the investors will receive training in Mauritius in Mid of 2023 and will also be provided with blueprints of their invested technologies. In addition, the investors will also get a chance to interact with inventors, including Tomislav Tesla, and an opportunity to create their tokens for their own business.

Tesla world token road map

Post Dubai Festival, the Team of True Tesla is planning to launch another round of their token sale in similar events in Asia and Europe. They are also planning to travel to North and South America and will also help launch 50 African businesses. They also share an aim of spreading tesla technologies across the world.

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Contact: Ivana Vučićević, Communications Director

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