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Undead Baby Ape Club

Written By: Shriyansh jain

From: Arjun Patil. (Fiverr.)

With all the big players like Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, Ubisoft entering the market, this has caused a considerable number of inflows of the investors in this domain. After Facebook changed its name to meta, although they have been working on this for three years, suddenly Metaverse and NFTs world had got the validation which is evident by a massive spike in market volume and number of different buyers. This event could be considered a milestone moment in Metaverse and NFTs.

“Since June `21, 1074 New NFTs have joined, and this trend is expected to rise in the following years and UBAC NFT is an addition to that list.”

What is NFT.?

NFTs are Non-Fungible Token, the term non-Fungible means they cannot be replicated and that is the unique selling point of the NFTs. For example, you cannot replace one non-fungible item with another one as it is unique. There exists only one of one

NFT are certificates that states ownership of an asset. The ownership certificate is stored on the blockchain, which essentially is a network of computers.

The concept of the NFTs is not new. In the 90’s we used to trade WWE physical cards while in today's world, the trend is to trade digital versions of these cards, and jpegs of crypto punks, cyber monkeys, cool apes, etc. However, the core concept of trading cards or more generally of trading assets remained the same over the years. However, the process of authentication of the asset has changed.

Let’s Understand it with the Analogy. If a user owns a rare WWE card, the ownership and authenticity of it can be proved by referring to the blockchain it resides on. There is no tedious process like in the old-time and there is no possibility of scams here. Recently, Logan Paul was scammed due to this exact loophole. The system of blockchain makes the whole NFTs Market very reliant and secure.

The Market Growth of the NFTs is immense. NFTs Sector experienced a huge activity spike brought by a public that had never heard before. By Feb `22 there are 26,09,068 unique buyers which are 543 % more than Aug `21. The following graph shows the Number of unique wallets which bought an asset.

Today NFTs are diversified so much that there are millions of NFTs in the Market. However, there are only a few which can be trusted to appreciate over the period. One Such NFT is UBAC. It is the collection of 5,000 Undead Baby Ape NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Blockchains, Ethereum first.

About UBAC.

"UBAC" The First NFT Bringing you into Metaverse. UBAC stands for undead baby ape Club. It is the collection of 5,000 NFTs of Undead Baby Ape. The minting is on 28 Feb '22 at the price of 0.05 ETH with a Mint Supply of 5,000.

UBAC-Undead Baby Ape Club - “Sit tight this is going to be a wide ride”.

UBAC NFTs are unique digital collectibles living on blockchain and will be open to mint on all allowable chains, Ethereum first. Each chain will have variations of art exclusive to the chain they are on. After minting, the UBAC will buy usable NFTs on all of these chains. All holders will be whitelisted to all chains for guaranteed, Ape. If you own 5 or more APES it’s free on all chains. 3 or more half off. 1-2 Apes and you get early mint as well before the public sale.

Undead Baby Apes has the following benefits you can avail:

  • Ø Access to members-only benefits.

  • Ø Rewards giveaway.

  • Ø Other NFT Usages.

  • Ø The Undead Metaverse.

  • Ø Ape Holder will be entered into a giveaway for 1 Bitcoin after MINT!

  • Ø Owning one of these OG Apes will grant you access to the UBAC apes coming on all chains.

Along with all these benefits, the community can unlock future areas and perks through Roadmap Activation. All NFTs Holders will get these benefits at each described level (Percentage). Roadmap Holds the project's vision of what it will do in the future. In UBAC, they have used a percentage-type roadmap as the creator wants to reward the people who have joined first.

Let's first understand some basic terms.

· Smart contracts:

In layman's terms, it is the way of storing contracts in the distributed ledger. Smart contracts are just like contracts in the real world. The only difference is that they are entirely digital and automated. It is a small computer program that is stored inside the blockchain. In NFT World, smart contracts are generally used for programming the royalty within the assets, to promise a passive income for every future transaction.[AP1]

· Minting:

A Mint is When a Project is Released, and Buyers have the opportunity to store the NFTs in your wallet by paying an introductory fee.

· Sandbox Land:

Sandbox is a gaming virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain where players can build, own, monetize their gaming experiences using NFTs.

RoadMap Activation:

Ø 10% – We will mint out 10 Apes and airdrop to random holders

Ø 20% – We will airdrop 1 Ethereum to 2 holders

Ø 30% – We will give out 1 piece of Sandbox land

Ø 50% – We will begin purchasing NFTs to the community wallet such as My pet Hooligans for members to use and rewards to give out.

Ø 60% – Begin the Dead Ape Art Collectors wallet and buy our first ART piece, Mutant Ape Yacht Club.

Ø 70% – We will begin evolving our apes into 3D Apes for the Metaverse to airdrop to all holders.

Ø 90% – Buy land in several Metaverses.

Ø 100% – Once and only once we mint out. We will be giving away one bitcoin. -We will start giving out rewards and begin the minting all over for our Apes to go onto the Solana Chain with different exclusive variations. To get whitelisted for those you must own one UBAC ape.

PayOff Road Map

Governance Of UBAC

After the mints goes to NFTs we can use, the once that are not in use will be implemented into a renting component that will fuel the UBAC economy for the future years. A Burning mechanism will be incorporated for holders and Apes will be sent to get burnt. This will grants the community access to greater rewards in the form of portion of sales. The percentage of reward earned by the user will depend on the class/category of the NFT sold, and the class/category of your NFT.


Official Twitter:

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Official Website:

You are talking about royalty aspect. Smart contracts a generally used for that in NFTs but not always. So don’t generalise this again.

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