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FTM ROI Matrix is a High Yield Investment programme. The contract is designed to reward the community especially at this time that the crypto space is experiencing some heavy market fluctuation.

We are the first ROI program to give back so much reward and the first ROI program to provide NFT giveaway.

This onchain investment programme is very secure, the contract has been studied, verified to be 100% safe and audited. With the features included, the contract will be able to sustain itself for a very long time.

  1. Vision

This is the best time to put your FTM into yield returns and gain good ROI. This is a community driven project and we hope to create a win-win strategy for every investor. In order to achieve that, we intend to carry out the following

  • FTM giveaway activities to reward back to investor. This will not be a one-time activity. We will host a different giveaway activities to reward back to users

  • Encourage users to promote project on social media, we will prepare lots of FTM rewards for the winners

  • NFT giveaway program. When the investment amount reaches a certain amount, we will buy some high-quality NFT projects in the market to give it away to users.

  • Last but not least, we encourage every member of the community to re-invest a small percentage of their gains so as to sustain the life-span of the contract.

  • Our aim is to give back as much as possible to our community. We believe that as long as our investors make money, our community will continue to grow.

  • As we said, we are a community driven project, so we would love to hear from you. If you have suggestions on how to help the project grow, please feel free to share in the community

2. Features

  • Investors can deposit any amount above 5 FTM as there is no maximum capped amount.

  • Investors can withdraw the profit without any fee.

  • Investors can get 112% to 292% return on investment in 14 to 28 days (from 8% to 13.71% daily).

  • If users don’t make a withdrawal every day, will get extra bonus: hold bonus. That mean investors can get more profit.

  • Hold-bonus +0.1% per day, max is 1.5%.

  • Investors can close deposits early if the plan has not expired (only Plan 4 - Plan 6), but there is a 20% penalty into the contract to sustain it.

  • Earnings every moment, withdraw any time if you use capitalization of interest you can withdraw only after end of your deposit Investment Plans We have two types of tariff plans with different periods and percentages of profitability

3. Plan

Plan1 — Plan3 (unlocked plans) — Withdraw profit any time

  • Plan1 — (14 days) — 8% per day — 112% profit

  • Plan2 — (21 days) — 6.5% per day — 136% profit

  • Plan3 — (28 days) — 5% per day — 140%


  1. The initial reward percent increases every day by 0.5% For example: The Plan1 on day 20 of the project, the reward percent will already be equal to 18% per day (20 * 0.5 + 8)

  2. The reward percent is fixed at the start of the plan. For example: on the 12th day of your plan, the reward percentage will remain the same till the end of that investment.

Plan4 — Plan6 (locked plans) — Withdraw profit at the end

  • Plan4 — (14 days) — 13.7% per day — 191.8% profit

  • Plan5 — (21 days) — 13.1% per day — 275% profit

  • Plan6 — (28 days) — 10.4% per day — 291.2% profit


  1. Rewards can be withdrawn only at the end of period

  2. For example you staked at Plan4. In 14 days you can withdraw 191.8% of staked funds

  3. You can withdraw early at any time but with 20% penalty.

4. Referral System

Through Referral System users can get additional income by inviting people to follow your link You will receive:

  • 5% from each level 1 referral deposits

  • 2.5% from each level 2 referral deposits

  • 0.5% from each level 3 referral deposits


  1. You need to have at least 1 deposit to start receive earnings

  2. You need to use your referral link to record the people you refer

  3. Your reward is credited to a separate place in the smart contract and can be withdrawn at any time by pressing the «WITHDRAW» button.

5. Contract and Social Handles Detail

6. How to connect to FTM ROI

  1. MetaMask can be downloaded on Chrome

  2. Next, follow along with the setup below –

  3. Network Name: Fantom Opera

  4. RPC Url:

  5. ChainID: 250

  6. Symbol: FTM

  7. Block Explorer URL:

  8. Go to our official website:

  9. Click the connect wallet button, remember confirm you are in Fantom network

  10. Select the plan, input the invest amount and click the Invest button

  11. Once the chain transaction is completed, you can see your investment figures on the dashboard section

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