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  • Arjun Patil

What Are NFT Games? [ 2 Min Read ]

NFT games have been taking the industry by a storm these days, with examples like Axie Infinity [AXS], Decentraland [MANA], SandBox [SAND] and many other game tokens profiting a lot recently. This article will describe what's the trend about and why so many transaction are occurring in this industry.

Games have always been fun to play and spend time but that's about it. THATS ABOUT IT. But now, thats not the case. They are no longer about just for fun and to spend time, but also to earn money. Here's how.

The gaming industry was always destined to boom considering it as a easy dopamine release mechanism, which is why users love it so much. To improve the playing experience, users started investing money in the games to buy equipments, unlock missions, characters, etc. However, there was never a return on investment. That's where NFT games comes in.

As described in earlier "What are NFTs" article, NFTs can be of anything digital, which includes game equipments. So imagine a universe, where you can actually invest in an NFT of a game equipment.

It will be unique since only fixed number of users will possess it, thus introducing scarcity in the asset and thus demand.

It can also be used across different games existing on the same blockchain, or even in some cases in different blockchains.

It can be traded with other users in exchange for native cryptocurrency ones bored of it and also to profit out of it.

Thus this introduces a lot of ways for users to generate a passive income for investors and also have easy dopamine release which will make them happy.

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