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  • Arjun Patil

Why Is Polygon Matic Rising? [1 Min Read]

Anyone who has been monitoring the market now must have notices that market is trying to fight the bears. The bulls and bears are fighting head on and it seems that bulls will win this.

Polygon MATIC is carrying the bulls sentiment with a whopping growth of more than 14% in the last 24 hours. Polygon MATIC which is a sidechain to Ethereum being the mainchain, has promised a stable returns over the years. However it went with the trend and its value dropped significantly due to huge sell-offs in the market.

Nevertheless, Polygon MATIC has managed to picks itself back up again and the main reason behind this can be attributed to a CEO change. The new CEO will be Ryan Wyatt, the Ex-Head of youtube gaming who has managed to increase Youtube Platforms levels to its gamings platform rivals.

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